Hello from kco.

I'm Kimber, the heart and soul of Kimber Collective and born and raised by the beach. It's a one woman show over here and I’m damn proud of that. People often ask me what I do and truth be told, I don't really know how to answer that; I've got a degree in English but I say I'm a photographer, but then sometimes a graphic designer and sometimes a blogger, almost always a thrifter, never not a mama (Yes, I used a double negative there) but deep down inside I’m a soulful storyteller who loves to wander — so, drop me in the desert or set me by the shore.

There is no clear way to describe me; although I tend to classify myself as care free, yet highly stressed, fun loving, yet bit of a drama queen, extremely organized, yet severely chaotic, average girl in her thirties. I try not to label myself as any kind of professional; just a self-taught, trial-and-error, travel junkie with a love for all things beautiful, foreign and tasty.

If I could spend my life photographing my way across the world and hitting up every Insta-worthy spot, I would. This fantasy highly exceeds my budget; however, this is why I have such a passion for photography. One snapshot can take you anywhere in the world – and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than travel expenses. Also, I have two kids and after our last cross country plane ride it's safe to say we don't plan on traveling much until both can carry their own luggage.

My shooting style is a bit different. I’m not about just smiling. I want to capture the emotion of the smile. If you're uncomfortable, I'll try make you laugh. If you're adventurous, I'll stand on top of helipads on the tallest buildings downtown with you. (I’ve done that!) I'll jump in the ocean with you, run alongside your beloved vintage sports car and dart through traffic on Pacific Coast Highway on a summer evening just to get "the shot". Basically what I’m saying is — we’re going to have fun and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Sharyl L. // Palos Verdes, Ca

Kimber has taken our holiday photos the last couple of years and they never disappoint! She is able to capture such special moments and has always been so great with my kids. We always love how easy it is to choose a location with her, arrive for a quick session and before you know it beautiful photos show up in our inbox.

Jenna H. // Redondo beach, ca

Kimber has been our go to for the family photos for over 3 years now. From maternity and newborn to family sessions, she has always delivered the most beautiful photos. And we have the best time! Kimber is wonderful at engaging young kids and even keeping the whole experience relaxes and painless for the husband who hates having his picture taken!

Casey H. // Los angeles, ca

Kimber has an uncanny ability to capture those easy, natural moments where pure joy or true love radiate. Nothing staged, nothing corny, just really elegant and high quality pictures.. It's also a blast to work with her - she's so fun and amazing with my fussy son.

Sheridan M. // Torrance, ca

Kimber was so amazing to work with for our engagement shoot! She made us feel totally comfortable and we had fun! Not to mention her work is some of the best I've ever seen. She really has an eye for capturing the little moments that make the stages of life just that more special.

Tori G. // Los angeles, ca

Kimber is the best! She was so professional and easy to work with. Made us feel so comfortable, not awkward and captured those perfect moments that we will treasure forever.

doreen t. // Los angeles, ca

Kimber is absolutely incredible! She is professional, warm, friendly and kind. Kimber makes you and your family feel comfortable while taking photos and they come out looking fantastic! The photos she took of our newborn son are all up on our walls. We cannot wait to have her over again for our second child.

Niki M. // los angeles, ca

I had been admiring Kimber's photos for some time when I finally bit the bullet and booked her for my engagement photos and she did not disappoint. It was our first time taking professional photo and me and my fiancé were both so nervous. She made us feel so comfortable and we had such a great time. They're also some of my favorite photos of us to date and we're still receiving compliments about them! Book her, you won't be disappointed!

KAyla M. // hawthorne, ca

Kimber put my kids at ease in front of the camera. Working with a photographer that's also a mother makes a huge difference when trying to gather a family for photos. She finds the special moments, remains calm and always manages to get the shots. So pleased with our family photos from Kimber every year!

Sara s. // Redondo beach, ca

Kimber has been capturing my family for over 5 years now. Her photos are beautiful she manages to always get great pictures (even when not everyone is cooperating or in a good mood.) She captures our family perfect every time.

Chandler b. // hermosa beach, ca

Kimber has captured our family year after year, always producing creative once-in-a-lifetime moments. We are so lucky to be able to look back feeling those moments in action. Kimber is one of the most talented and skilled photographers out there, we are so lucky she has been available to capture our family so well.


Best photographer ever! Kimber always captures the most perfect moments. She makes sure we have fun and also ensures kids feel comfortable and silly at the same time, a true gem!