Soulful Storytelling.

I'm Kimber, born and raised at the beach

It's a one woman show over here and I’m damn proud of that. People often ask me what I do and truth be told, I don't really know how to answer that; I've got a degree in English but I'm a photographer, but then sometimes a graphic designer and sometimes a blogger, almost always a thrifter, and never not a mama (Yes, I used a double negative there) but deep down inside I’m a soulful storyteller who loves to wander so drop me in the desert or set me by the shore.

There is no clear way to describe me; although I tend to classify myself as care free, yet highly stressed, fun loving, yet bit of a drama queen, extremely organized, yet severely chaotic, average girl in her thirties. I try not to label myself as any kind of professional; just a self-taught, trial-and-error, travel junkie with a love for all things beautiful, foreign and tasty.

If I could spend my life photographing my way across the world and hitting up every Insta-worthy spot, I would. This fantasy highly exceeds my budget; however, this is why I have such a passion for photography. One snapshot can take you anywhere in the world – and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than travel expenses. Also, I have two kids and after our last cross country plane ride it's safe to say we don't plan on traveling much until both can carry their own luggage.

My shooting style is a bit different. I’m not about just smiling. I want to capture the emotion of the smile. If you're uncomfortable, I'll try make you laugh. If you're adventurous, I'll stand on top of helipads on the tallest buildings downtown with you. (I’ve done that!) I'll jump in the ocean with you, run alongside your beloved vintage sports car and dart through traffic on Pacific Coast Highway on a summer evening just to get "the shot". Basically what I’m saying is — we’re going to have fun and I can’t wait to get to know you!