with the year coming to a close i always find myself “refreshing” everything; my body, my wardrobe and my home is no exception. our dining room has been feeling dark and dingy since we first moved in. with a dark aged wood table and black chairs, the space was crying for some light.

i have to preface this by saying, tackling this room was no small feat. there was a lot of trial and error and a lot of purchasing, returning and reselling. #facepalm


we began by clearing out the room, i knew i wanted to keep our chandelier; it’s a favorite of mine. cameron found it at a thrift store (i't’s actually from the 60’s!) and had it powder coated black and our electrical friend rewired it so it wasn’t a fire hazard, lol. i also knew i wanted to keep my framed surf print; i found this huge awesome frame at the thrift store and had my photo printed to fit. you can purchase this print along with others at my shoppe by clicking here. but that was all i wanted to use.

just clearing everything out immediately brightened up the room.


first step was deciding on what type of table, we previously had wood and it was just so hard to keep clean with little ones, constantly cleaning up water rings, spills and stains; glass was too dangerous (atlas would shatter it, i just know) so stone just seemed right. after searching everywhere i stumbled upon “what i thought was” an amazing marble table. i paid the lady sight unseen (my bad), paid someone deliver it because it weighed 400+ pounds, got it in place and decided i didn’t like it. it was just far too warm and disappeared into the floor. we kept it around for about a week before i just had enough and couldn’t look at it anymore. the trouble with buying things from estate sales and second-hand shops is that there is generally no return policy. so i listed it for sale and shoved it where furniture goes to die — our garage.

after some late night internet scouring i finally found the perfect table. it was stone, it was cool toned and it was bigger! only problem was it was in san diego about 2+ hours away. for some reason my husband really loves me, supports my psychotic tendencies and actually made the drive down to san diego with me on a sunday afternoon. we left around 1p and didn’t get home until 10p. i did bribe him with a kid-free steak dinner while we were out and i think that’s what did the trick.

i may or may not have said it was our anniversary and we arrived to a table sprinkled with heart confetti and champagne. シ

okay, fast forward to the table in the dining room. mind you, this thing took 4 guys and weighed more than the previous one — but it was perfect. i found these amazing mid century vintage gainey pots at the salvation army, cleaned them and bought some plants for them because duh.


i originally was going to go without a rug but harshness of the stone against the wood bothered me and i knew a rug would soften it up. after endless searching of kilim, oriental, wool and other woven rugs i settled on a good old reliable jute. i figured if i wanted to mix things up later jute will always match — although with so many pretty rug designs i was tempted to go bold and pick something outside my comfort zone.


moving onto to the chairs, which is where i really struggled. i loved the look of a classic wishbone chair but the lightness of them was throwing things off and i knew i needed something a tad more masculine to ground the room; also to tie the black chandelier in. after almost 2 weeks of searching i found these espresso brown faux leather chairs which were almost perfect. i loved the warmth that the faux leather brought to the room and the black metal legs paired well with the light. the only thing was the color — i wasn’t in love. i had originally wanted a saddle brown version of this that i spotted at west elm but for $399 a chair i just couldn’t bring myself to do it. so i ordered these from amazon because we were hosting thanksgiving and really needed somewhere for people to sit. i didn’t love them but they began to grow on me and it did make for a pretty thanksgiving tablescape.

randomly while working on the computer an ad popped up from target with these exact chairs in saddle brown. what the heck. i thought i had searched every corner of the internet for these and couldn’t find this color and combo anywhere. of course they weren’t available to order online and all the target locations close to me were sold out. so i ended up driving to 4 different targets each a progressive 30 minutes farther and farther away because every target literally only had one in stock. but holy crap, these were perfect. i even polled instagram to make sure, and y’all agreed.

while i still need to find two more chairs to completely seating for six, i finally have the dining room i had envisioned. for those thinking the redecorating a room is quick and easy, let me reassure it’s not. i feel like it takes a few big pieces to set the tone and then slowly layering in the textures and color to complete it.

what do you guys think?




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