don’t mind us, we’re just over here pretending like it’s fall with brisk afternoon scooter rides down to the park. nevermind that it’s still 80° out and we’re melting at the thought of wearing sweaters.

these days atlas is copying literally everything hera does, whether it’s dressing up, playing with dolls or tailing behind while she whizzes off on her scooter. the joy that overcame him when the cool peeps over at YVolution sent him his very own scooter so that he can run with the big dogs.

i’m kind of obsessed with how this 3-in-1 glider can grow with our little man. i love that this has a seat to help him develop a sense of balance and when he’s ready we can easily remove the seat and he can go onto to develop coordination - buuuut, he can still little for as long as he wants. シ so while we wait for our cali-winter to arrive, you won’t find us complaining as we scoot around town enjoying what’s left of this indian summer.

how amazing are the people over at YVolution to offer an awesome savings of 20% off the 3-in-1 gliders and XL gliders plus free shipping! just use code KBF20 at checkout!


disclosure: a big thanks to YVolution for partnering with me and my family on this post. i love working with brands that i am already in love with and YVolution is one of them. all thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. thank you so much for supporting my sponsors!