"i have had the pleasure of knowing this mama since before we were even born, if that makes any sense. our mama's met in mommy and me class when they were pregnant with us. needless to say i was honored to be able to photograph a lifelong friend with her new family. little ella is just so sweet natured and the over all laid back vibe that this family possessed made it a dream to shoot."


i had the chance to capture yet another beautiful south bay babe brought into this world from a couple of old friends from high school. i absolutely love being able to document such a special time in a family's life - especially when it involves people i've known since we were mere kids ourselves. these two have such a calming presence to them that make parenthood seem like an [ocean] breeze.  congrats on baby g, you two.


it's always so much fun to receive the call that "the baby is here!" from your maternity clients. it's an amazing thing to watch a family grow practically overnight. photographing the plache family was no exception, their newest addition seemed to flawlessly fit right in with her new family, and her big sister could not have been more proud. welcome to the world baby e.


i first met this mama at her baby shower just a month or so prior, so it was an honor to be able to capture both prenatal and postnatal celebrations. her little one is just an angel and both her and her hubby are just naturals in their parenting roles. while the session was shot on gloomy rainy morning, it created the most comfortable setting and the chillest mood - also, their home was major #housegoals.