being able to step back and just watch a family “be” is my most favorite part of this job. also, when i get to photograph good friends and it basically feels like we’re just hanging out is pretty cool too.

i love following a couple’s love story. watching these two go from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife to father and mother has been such an amazing experience and i feel incredibly humble to have been able to document such amazing milestones. what photographer doesn’t love forever clients.

also, who doesn’t love a good holiday family photo in matching pj’s? i mean c’mon, you guys are cutest.


the best thing for a photographer is when you instantly hit it off with clients you literally just met minutes ago. i ended up chatting with the radford family long after our session had ended. sharing our love for the south bay and our hatred towards road rage, this family was a dream to shoot - it also didn’t hurt that their smiley little baby girl was just the cutest! golden hour + beach + rad family (see what i did there) = a photosession made in heaven.