starts at $350

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing thing. While you might not feel those things at the time, I promise you no client has ever regretted one of these sessions. In fact they are often cherished as those long grueling nine months seems to be a speck in time once your little one arrives. These images are one way to bring you back to when you and your babe were one.

Maternity sessions can be done in-home or on location, they are a time to let your inner goddess out so feel free to arrive in a beautiful flowing gown or tight dress that accentuates your growing belly. I typically recommend booking these sessions right about 32 - 36 weeks, when your bump is present but you aren't completely uncomfortable yet. This session is designed with you in mind, it's very relaxed and fun; we usually gab about all things baby - my favorite.


My shooting style is a bit different. I'm not going to let you get away with just standing there and faking it. I want to feel your smile. I'm not going to squish your new baby into a baseball glove. I want to hear the giggles from your little one as you smother him in kisses.

If you're uncomfortable, I'll hide in bushes and behind doors. If you're adventurous, I'll stand on top of helipads on the tallest buildings downtown. I've been know to jump in the ocean with you, run alongside your beloved sports car and dart through traffic on Pacific Coast Highway on a summer evening just to get "the shot".

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