What to Wear?

While I constantly get asked by clients on outfit suggestions, around the holidays I‘m particularly bombarded with questions, so I thought I would turn to my dear friend Casey Eve, a stylist here in Los Angeles to break it down.

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, you're probably booking up your photos for cards and potentially even gifts. Family photos are a great way to capture this moment in time and it's something you'll treasure for many years to come!

With that comes the inevitable question of what to wear! As a stylist, I've figured out some tips over the years to help give you that extra polish for this treasured memento.


1. Do consider the whole family. While I'm not personally a fan of everyone matching, considering what your partner or kids are wearing to create an effortless, yet cohesive look is a great place to start.

2. Do embrace color! Ok, maybe not neon pink, but I love jewel tones or warm neutral colors as opposed to black. Black casts a lot of shadows and can photograph harsh.

3. Pick 3-4 complimentary colors, such as cream, navy and forest green and keep everyone's outfits within this color family.

4. Don't shy away from prints! However, keep these tips in mind: the smaller/busier the print, the more it can distort your shape. Also, keep the print to one part of your outfit. Adding a cool printed top in your chosen color way is a fresh way to keep your photos looking modern. I would also caution against everyone wearing prints, it can start to look distracting and too busy otherwise.

5. Structured, tailored shirts or pants will always photograph the best; however if you don't want to go that route, picking things that fit well will always be the most flattering. Super flowy tops can look incredible in real life or editorial shoots but can get lost in translation in family shoots.

6. Do wear jeans if you want, but make sure they are not ripped, heavily faded or whiskered.


1. Don't forget about shoes! Make sure everyone's shoes relatively match the color scheme.

2. Don't forget accessories! But keep it simple. For example, if you want to wear a statement necklace, keep the earrings, rings and other jewelry simple. Also consider placement. If you have a busy printed shirt, or something with a unique neck line, a heavy statement necklace won't look balanced- consider fun earrings or a cocktail ring instead.

3. Don't stress too much and have fun with it! Last year, my husband wanted to wear all black and while I tried to push back, it's what he wanted and our pictures still turned out beautiful and perfect. As long as everyone is smiling and happy, that's really all that matters.

Big thank you to Casey of CaseyEve.com for her insight on Family Styling this holiday Season.